Pelican Case vs. HPRC

A New Travel Case for Drones and other Media Equipment

All drone pilots are very aware of the bomb proof cases that retailers are shipping their drones in these days. I've always referred to them as Pelican cases, no matter the brand. It seems like Pelican has long been the leader in "indestructible" hard shell cases that will not only float, but seem to be safe enough to hide your child in during a tornado. I stand by the Pelican brand, they've never let me down.

I recently purchased a Phantom 2 from Citi Drone on Amazon. You may ask, "why Citi Drone"? The answer to that question is simple, they were the only retailer at the time of purchase that the Phantom 2 wasn't on backorder with. With their 1 measly review, I decided to take my chance.

The drone arrived in a HPRC 2700W case. A "pelican" case. However, what I've made of this case so far is pretty posh next to a Pelican. The retractable handle for wheeling it is much easier to operate and the multiple short handles for a quick toss in the trunk, make this case pretty slick. Once open, the custom layout for a Phantom 2 is pretty similar to what most drone pilots are use to seeing, so I won't get into that. However, the Italian made HPRC seems to rival the Pelican brand pretty well. I'd like to see how it withstands a baggage carousel before I put all my eggs in their basket first. We know the Italians craft a fine leather shoe, a staple tripod, Manfrotto (that every professional photographer seems to own), and my favorite Chianti..But, now, a hard travel case?

The case looks nice, and seems well built, but is it rugged and tough? It will take some serious meatballs to find out. I'll update you after it's first big journey. 

hprc case