LoLo: The Digital Local Loyalty Movement

New Rewards for Locals Supporting Locals

Everyone loves to feel like a local -- a beat on the inside scoop, familiar faces, a fist bump from the local bartender, getting hooked up for gracing your presence regularly. Locals supporting's the way the world turns. Now you can capture that local status and get some serious perks, too.

Our good friends at LoLo are rewarding consumers for spending at locally-owned or locally-impacted businesses by essentially turning any account-connected credit or debit card into a rewards card. Here's how easy it is to become a loyal local:

1. Create a free LoLo Account

2. Register your credit/debit card

3. Spend + Earn 5%

That's it. 

Users will earn 5% in rewards on all purchases at LoLocations, then redeem your awards at any participating LoLocations, no matter where you earn them. Learn more in our video below! 

Join the growing group of Loyal Locals and step up your local status...while helping others, too.

LoLo is launching in cities across the southeast. Currently find LoLo in: Asheville, NC

(Nashville, TN & Chicago, IL coming soon!)