Built-In GoPros During the Big Ten Championship

Referees Will Wear Hats With Built-in GoPros

The future of how we want to watch sports is slowly/hopefully becoming a reality. With mainstream sports media always looking for ways to capture new audiences and keep their current viewers engaged, FOX Sports Lab and GoPro recently partnered to give a unique POV angle inside the hash marks.

Last weekend's Wisconsin vs. Minnesota Big Ten game was the first test to help bring fans closer to the action. They mounted GoPros Heros inside referees hats, creating a unique Xbox-like experience that football nerds, like myself, thoroughly enjoyed -- I want to see the running back rip up the middle, but not be physically present to take the hit (I'm weak). Not only did they integrate the footage into on the air replays, but they embedded the POV angles on social media channels and on FOXSports.com to attract all types of sports fans on all types of mediums.

Check out footage from the test run during the Wisconsin vs. Minnesota Big Ten game. It's incredible:

Integrating GoPros into sports is genius. Not really sure why this hasn't completely taken off yet. This isn't the first major sports league GoPro has partnered with. They teamed up with the NHL in 2015, but only offered the footage in post-game replays -- Not live and in-your-face like this.

Referees will strap into their GoPro hats again this weekend for The Big Ten Championship Game on FOX at 8:17pm on Saturday, Dec 3rd. Check it out. It's a game-changer. 

[We love us some GoPros. We use them a lot in our video marketing because they help create a unique perspective and close up view that puts the viewer directly in the moment. READ MORE]