The Eye of Flight

Drone Video Marketing

Drone’s are incredibly affordable these days, and it’s really great news for the consumer. We’re all for regulation on drones, coming from the standpoint of a business. We’ve got nothing to hide, and don’t plan on any errant drone flights. It’s easy to see why people are upset with the regulation, but that’s a different topic or another day.

So, now that you have a shiny new drone, what’s next? Because they’re cheap, businesses automatically think it’s a bright idea to own one. We’ve flown our UAVs, more commonly known as drones, for clients in North Carolina and beyond, and I’ve heard a common theme come up: “Well, we thought we’d buy one and give it a try”. Which the conversation generally ends up with, “and then Joe from Accounts Receivable crashed it” OR, the less expensive version: "we got a drone and now we have all this footage that we don’t know what to do with”.

When it comes to flying drones for your business, your new DJI Phantom is nothing close to a toy nor should it be treated that way. I’m sure you know someone who’s got “the eye”. He or she is the one that people normally look for at a party to snap an iPhone pic, because "it always looks better”. Guess what?! It’s the exact same thing with flying drones. Just because you can fly one, which is rather effortless with advances in the DJI Phantom 3, it doesn’t mean you are going to get a good result. Video marketing with aerial videography is a professional skill that is learned through hours of time in the field. You have to have an eye for it, or else you’ll end up with footage that looks like your 2 year old was the Art Director. Quick drone surveys of land or rooftops for internal use may be fine, but don’t plan on selling anything with amateur editing and videography.

If you’re starting out, and want to start flying for your business, It’s worth your time to watch as many YouTube videos as you can, take CineChopper University courses, and really school yourself well with your equipment. You’ll get more enjoyment out of great footage and professional looking edits than you could ever imagine!

DJI Phantom 3