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How to Hire a Drone Pilot


There’s a similar phrase that we come across in the drone industry. “My _______ has a drone." Insert in the blank any relative, friend, or colleague you can name. It seems that drones are taking over the world. With that, comes a lot of skepticism and press, both good and bad. There are only a few businesses that I’ve run in to over the years that are actually playing by the rules and producing incredible content at the same time.  

Hiring the right company for your job can be  daunting, especially when considering airspace and other drone laws that may come into play. Luckily, that's for your drone pilot to know and it's his/her responsibility to educate you, as the client. There are a few things you should know and ask the pilot before you sign the dotted line. 


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Pelican Case vs. HPRC

All drone pilots are very aware of the bomb proof cases that retailers are shipping their drones in these days. I've always referred to them as Pelican cases, no matter the brand. It seems like Pelican has long been the leader in "indestructible" hard shell cases that will not only float, but seem to be safe enough to hide your child in during a tornado. I stand by the Pelican brand, they've never let me down.

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Summertime Teaser

We spent a couple days at one of the best places in the world: Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer. Located on the mighty Neuse River on the coast of North Carolina, Camp's Sea Gull and Seafarer are two of the most recognizable boys & girls camps in the nation. With sailing, motor boating, basketball, archery, tennis, horseback riding, and so much more, we had a blast filming from a completely different angle than you're use to seeing. 

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