GoPro Video Marketing

Each summer, Moondance Adventures travel the world in search of distractions limited to night skies, sunsets, new friends, good conversation, mountain passes and fresh air. Untangled from technology, their adventure and service programs are passionate about creating days that are worth seizing, worth remembering and worth retelling.

Thankfully, we get to live vicariously and help retell these amazing adventures through the power of video. GoPro enables Moondance students to be more involved and intimate with their subjects and surroundings, and needless to say, capture some incredible angles and experiences. 

Live in the Moment

Our 100% GoPro video series highlights Moondance's "Live in the Moment” philosophy, helping showcase an atmosphere that encourages students to embrace new opportunities. Potential customers respond better to marketing messages that aim to connect with them emotionally. That's why we've helped Moondance go all-in on sharing these incredible user-generated experiences, adding quality to their brand and captivating their audiences.

Services Involved

Storyboard, Video Development, GoPro Training