GoPro Video Marketing

YMCA Camp Sea Gull for boys and YMCA Camp Seafarer for girls are overnight camps located on the coast of North Carolina. Both camps are large - more than 150 acres each - with prime coastal waterfront access. They came to us looking for video marketing campaign ideas that would keep campers & parents excited throughout the offseason.

And then it clicked. GoPro was invented for places like this. 

Experience Camp Through User-Generated-Content

GoPro's small, easy-to-use cameras allowed us to equip our audience with the power of summer camp perspectives in the palm of their hands. We strapped GoPros on any and every camper and let them enthusiastically take over the brand's promotion. Capturing this user-generated-content helped sky-rocket engagement and customer retention on social media platforms. Swimming, zip-lining, roasting s'mores, the Blob. Check out 100% GoPro edits of YMCA Camp Sea Gull & Camp Seafarer nostalgic moments that take you right back to summer camp.

Services Involved

Storyboard, Video Development, Drone Videography

YMCA Camp Sea Gull Camp Seafarer