Let us produce & edit your GoPro video marketing campaigns.

Here at Chair 8 Media, we like to create powerful digital marketing campaigns that sell experiences.  And one of the best ways to sell an experience in today's world is through the power of video.

Thanks to GoPro, capturing those special things or moments that make your company unique is as easy as clicking play.  GoPro cameras offer a unique perspective (their small size allows them to be used in more creative places than your typical digital camera), high-powered camera settings (1080p & 4K), durability and affordability (they cost 10x less than average cameras), all in the palm of your hand.  We've helped produce and edit 100% GoPro video campaigns for summer camps, adventure athletes, travel websites, outdoor leadership programs, fly fishing outfitters, and much more.  

And don't sleep on the power of GoPro advertising!  The company GoPro lives off of user-generated content marketing, it's their entire business plan.  Meaning: Just by tagging and marketing your video with the word 'GoPro' puts your video in a large searchable cult-like following on YouTube, Vimeo, and all social media platforms. 

Here are a couple of our favorite GoPro video campaigns we've helped shoot, produce and edit for websites, Facebook advertisements and Instagram video campaigns: