At Chair 8 Media, we build powerful marketing campaigns that sell an experience, tell a story, and connect on a deeper level. We draw inspiration from the people, places & products our clients are passionate about to fuel our storytelling.  We're based out of Raleigh, NC and are proud to be part of the Loading Dock Raleigh community.

Whether you're trying to jumpstart an idea with a vibrant website, educate your clients through the power of video or target potential customers through a detailed social media campaign, our vibrant design and passionate storytelling helps put the right message in front of the right people at the right time.  

We offer an entire suite of digital & design services to help take your brand to the next level — Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, Logo Design & Branding, Web Design, Paid Advertising and more. More importantly, we make a point to create a partnership with our clients so that our personal relationship is just as beneficial as our journey to successful results.

Grab a chair. Relax. We'll take it from here.



Hart Roberts

Creative Lead/Co-Founder

Hart's always searching for fresh & unique ways companies can interact, engage, and gain exposure with creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics.



Cameron Barker

Digital Lead/Co-Founder

Cam pushes the disruptive limits of fresh marketing campaigns to help businesses grow. He's a techie at heart, loves fly fishing, and is intrigued by innovative and unique ways to capture an audience.



Vicky Reyes

Social Media Manager

Vicky knew she had the potential to be a great Social Media Strategist when she had to start charging her friends per Instagram caption. Since then, she's been the online voice behind several brands. Beyond the caption and content, communicating to people on a personal level on the platforms they use every day is what Vicky loves most about social media. Her pro tip? When in doubt, post a cat pic.



Emily Bennett

Digital Content Specialist

Emily loves creating unique content and telling stories that matter. She loves the good things in life. People, dogs and coffee. Word on the street is she also has the secret recipe to Little Washington’s Famous Bill’s Hot Dogs Chili.



Lindsay Elmore

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Lindsay is a North Carolina native and enjoys all things outdoors - boat rides, days at Wrightsville Beach, and evening runs. After graduating from ECU, she spent time in Wyoming on a guest ranch before moving back East and settling in Raleigh. When she’s not at the beach or traveling, she enjoys spending time with family, riding horses and eating her way through Raleigh.



Foster Barker

Lead Graphic Designer & Brand Specialist

"Foz" is an award-winning brand specialist with 20 years of experience in the world of Communication Art and Graphic Design. A Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate from East Carolina University, Foster has worked with clients all over the world. His talent and passion shine through with each project.



Jeff Branch

Director of Media Production

Jeff is a creative and outgoing professional with a plethora of video production techniques and experiences that have allowed him to create content for a wide variety of clients across the country. His no-non-sense attitude and great sense of humor are a true pleasure on and off set. For Jeff, video production, photography, and advertising are not just a career, but an authentic passion.





We like to tell stories. Here’s ours…

Chair 8 Media started back in the San Juan Mountains of Telluride, Colorado. Yep, there she is in all her glory. "Chair 8" was one of our favorite local ski lifts, providing a 15 minute commute to some of Colorado's most pristine winter terrain.

It was a place to meet with passionate friends and complete strangers, to hear their stories, and to share a common space together before setting out, each to his own mountain. Chair 8 was our vessel for exploring new territory and building anticipation for what's ahead. It was here that our passion for capturing and marketing these experiences was born.

Today, whether we're meeting new clients, behind the lens, or steering the creative process, our mission is to bring that same level of excitement to the table with Chair 8 Media, taking each project as a new adventure and an opportunity to ignite those passions that help shape a brand.