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Video in your marketing mix isn't just a luxury anymore, it's expected. Not only is it the most engaging creative asset your business can implement, but video allows your company to tell a story. An essential way to connect emotionally with your customers, stand out on social media, improve a website's relevance, and give potential buyers a visual-appealing rundown of your products & services.

Let Us Tell Your Story

Whether it's a video web series, showcasing a product in a campaign, or a short documentary explaining what makes your company unique, video marketing is a must-have if your business wants to stand out from the competition. It's used to show passion behind your story and helps customers connect on a deeper level.

Our team will help assist you start to finish, from storyboard to YouTube, create that special message that will positively impact your digital presence and brand perception.


Swimming, zip-lining, roasting s'mores, the Blob. All the nostalgic moments that take you right back to summer camp.

We used the sights, sounds and emotions to fuel our storytelling and showcased why summer camp is such a unique experience.


We created a compelling video around Gabrielle Jewelry's story, what gives her inspiration, and highlighted her jewelry making process to help customers connect on a deeper level with her brand.

Word got out about her beautiful work, Garden & Gun and wrote about her, and most recently, her story & video were highlighted on


A short cut prepared for the EWA Film Festival, this film is built from the full length feature documentary, Bonacca.

In "Pompajack", Head Guide Rankin Jackson tells us about fly fishing in Guanaja, Honduras and its impact on himself and the fishery.

The story has been shared by fishing die-hards across the country: Moldy Chum, Patagonia Fly Fishing, Southern Culture On The Fly, EWA Film Fest, Telluride TV Video Awards and many more. 




Showcase your event from a never-before-seen bird's-eye view, capture the exterior of a commercial real estate building from a unique perspective, or add value to your video campaign, our team can take your video marketing to new heights with aerial drone technology.

Taking Marketing to New Heights

When searching for drone company, it's important that you choose someone who doesn't just fly, but creates. Our drone videography pieces combine the best of both worlds. We capture properties or events with HD 1080p or 4K aerial video and can combine that with high definition video from the ground to create a unique marketing piece that tells a story from all different angles.

The Tools

Our team uses DJI Drones. We currently operate a professional series DJI Inspire 2 with X5S camera and the DJI Mavic Pro. Both drones are capable of shooting up to 4K video in varying frame rates. Our team consists of a FAA Part 107 Certified Pilot and Cameraman. Some missions may require a Visual Observer to help insure the safety of the flight. We will tailor our flights and equipment to your needs.

Inspire 2

Inspire 2 Professional Aerial Photography Drone Pilot
Mavic Pro

Mavic Pro


Traditional virtual tours are a thing of the past, Highwoods Properties was looking for ways to set themselves apart from the rest. We helped produce a vibrant commercial real estate video tour for their new featured property in Orlando, FL. 

The aerial footage offers a unique perspective and helps showcase Lincoln Plaza. Pictures may tell 1,000 words but a video puts it into a story.


Our 2015 Drone Reel features a lot of action! We have combined clips from Raleigh, Pisgah National Forest, Camp Wayfarer, Camp Sea Gull, Camp Seafarer, Guanaja, Honduras, Wrightsville Beach, the Watauga River and more! 

All of this footage was captured with a DJI Phantom 2 and shot in 1080. Our current drone is an Inspire 1 Pro and has the ability to shoot in 4k. For a glimpse of some beautiful footage from the Inspire, check out our video from Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer.