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Showcase your event from a never-before-seen bird's-eye view, capture the exterior of a commercial real estate building from a different perspective, or show how close the beach access really is to your rental property, Chair 8 Media can take your aerial video and photography to new heights.

Taking Marketing to New Heights

Our aerial videography pieces combine the best of both worlds.  We capture properties or events with HD 1080p or 4K aerial video and can combine that with high definition video from the ground to create a unique masterpiece that immediately puts your video content ahead of the competition.


Traditional virtual tours are a thing of the past, Highwoods Properties, a Raleigh based commercial real estate company, was looking for ways to set themselves apart from the rest. We helped produce a vibrant commercial real estate video tour for their new featured property in Orlando, Fl.. 

The aerial footage offers a unique perspective and helps showcase the entire Lincoln Plaza.. Pictures may tell 1,000 words but a video puts it into a story.


Enjoy high resolution photos taken from a unique perspective.  The ideal solution for land development, commercial real estate, residential real estate, or any special event.